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Raymond Rep is a premier talent management agency representing not only influencer athletes but also social media personalities and other talented individuals. Our talent roster includes AJ Greene, Lauren Fitzmaurice, and Brenden Clinton. We have made history as the first firm to represent a content creator and e-sports organization, Team Diverge, founded by Juju Smith Schuster.

Results Oriented

We have successfully worked with more than 250 brands and facilitated influencer collaborations with brands at many major sports events including the Super Bowl, NBA and WNBA All-Star Games, and March Madness. Our established relationships have allowed our clients to engage in paid partnerships at these sports events along with numerous additional collaborative brand engagements. We connect influencers with brands, negotiate the deals, assist with partnership activation, and streamline all elements of the endorsement deal process.

AJ Greene

Athlete Creator

Jelani “AJ” Greene is a former NCAA D2 football player, playing wide receiver at the University of New Haven, and has become a major influencer in the social media sports world. Most of his content incorporates football in one way or another, but he brings a certain comedic flavor to the sport and has an eccentric and vibrant personality that draws in mass audiences. AJ has become one of the most prominent figures in promoting youth football through his exposure videos at all the top youth football games across the country.

Clifford Taylor

Athlete Creator

Clifford Taylor is a success story like none other going from college football walk-on to social media icon. He became known as the “social media guy” on the Florida Gators football team and grew his following through sharing his experiences as a walk-on and mixing in his own sense of humor and joyous personality. He leveraged his good-natured, creative spirit to stay engaged with his fans, delivering his popular comedic content on all thing’s sports and current social events.

Lauren "Lolo" Fitzmaurice

Athlete Creator

Lauren Fitzmaurice is a former Syracuse University women's basketball player and has leveraged her skills on the court, her creative spirit, and her natural beauty to become a social media superstar. She's amassed her followers through a variety of avenues, making plenty of content around basketball, empowering women’s sports, offering dating advice through her own experiences, and providing numerous beauty and fashion tips.

Jaylin James

Athlete Creator

Jaylin James is a former D1 college football player having played 4 years at wide receiver for University of Northern Iowa. Kicking off his TikTok career back in 2020, Jaylin has become an absolute star in the social media scene. His content is always fun-loving, interviewing fans and bystanders, reaction videos to various sports highlights, and often sharing the screen with his fiance for hilarious dance content. Even with his football career behind him, he continues to maintain his physique and posts several fitness videos for his fans to enjoy. He takes content creation to heart and always looks to make the highest quality videos possible.

Jessica Vincent

Athlete Creator

Jessica Vincent is a former D1 college soccer star playing all 4 seasons for Long Beach State University. Soon after her pro stint in Sweden, she became a soccer sensation on social media, where she continuously promotes content around not only soccer, but her love for fitness, fashion, beauty, and more. As Jess continues on her fitness and creator journey, she has plans to own and manage her own gym in the future.

Allen "Griddy" Davis


Allen Davis is an electrifying, gripping social media personality. Put him in any room and he'll get everyone on their feet having a good time. The world-renowned celebration dance, The Griddy, exemplifies everything that Allen is. What started back in 2017 as a couple of friends messing around, has now turned into a staple celebration around the world in the NFL, NBA, FIFA, MLB, and more. As the popularity of the dance grew, Allen made sure to continue sharing the Griddy spirit, creating tutorial videos on how to do the Griddy, and going around the country collaborating with celebrities, athletes, and social media stars.

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